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Approach & Values

A relaxed, informal and professional approach

Our enormous diversity of talent enables us to provide high quality support across a broad spectrum of client needs.

What makes us different? 

What makes the Brackley Partnership different is the depth and breadth of our consultants experience and therefore the range of services we are able to provide.

This enormous diversity of talent enables us to provide a high quality of specialists advice and support across a broad spectrum of client needs often combining these skills in all sorts of interesting ways. We have within our team specialist in organisational design, culture change, occupational psychology, strategic planning, change management and many other areas.

We have a relaxed, informal but professional approach to our client relationships. Our aim is to provide the right level of support and guidance that meets your budget.

We will seek to ensure that you are able to put in place the correct working methods, practices, procedures and processes to enable you to achieve improvements in performance without breaking the bank.

Our activities range from organisation-wide strategic change programmes to small scale projects and initiatives. Over the last 20 years our client portfolio has covered everything from small and medium-sized enterprises to major multi-nationals, government departments and NGOs.

We like to be inclusive and no project or organisation is too small for us to take an interest in.

What are our values?

At Brackley Partners we are really committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients. We have worked with many of our clients for over fifteen years and some even go back to the time the company was founded 20 years ago.

These successful collaborations have been made possible because we work with a set of key values that underpin all of the work we do. This has enabled us to develop enduring and effective partnerships with our clients.

1: Integrity

We operate to the highest standards of professional integrity and we will only carry out work which we believe will provide a lasting benefit.

2: Empowerment & Ownership

We work to ensure that ownership, responsibility and commitment are retained in your organisation. We like to pass on our knowledge and skills to enable you to manage future initiatives, without the need for external support.

3: Making a Difference

We are committed to activities that have real impact and make a difference to the performance of your organisation. We do this by ensuring all work that is grounded in your day-to-day realities and is tailored to your needs.

4: Practical Collaborative Approach

We use practical, business focussed and customer-centred approaches in all our consulting activities. This requires a high level of collaboration in diagnosing problems as well as designing, implementing and evaluation solutions.

5: Innovation & Creativity

We use the latest methods in all our projects and we are committed to continuous improvements of our products and services. Our projects and programmes are noted for their originality and creativity which makes them engaging and enjoyable to work on.

These values inform all aspects of our work and ensure you will always receive a practical, tailored and cost-effective service.

How we helped our clients

Over the last 20 years we have built up an amazing track record of achievement with an impressive range of clients. Click to view some of our successful projects.

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We have a relaxed, informal but professional approach to our client relationships. Our aim is to provide the right level of support and guidance that meets your budget.

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