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Team Development

We will work with teams at all levels within your organisation


We will work to create quantifiable improvements in team effectiveness, efficiency and productivity

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Team Development

We will work with teams at all levels within your organisation and are experienced at both intact and inter-disciplinary team development. All development is focussed on live business issues and result in increased commitment towards your organisation’s business goals and significant quantifiable improvements in team effectiveness.

We have many years’ experience in running in-tact team programmes, cross-divisional team events and workshops designed to create strategic team alignment.

Our Approach:

Our team development programmes usually begin with structured interviews with team leaders and members to diagnose in detail the key performance issues that need to be addressed.

We design you a team event based on the desired outcomes identified during these research activities, using the structure, processes and content you feel are appropriate.

Whilst the event will be tailored to your organisation, there are certain ‘design features’ which are fundamental to our approach to development.  These are

  • It is conducted with real working teams
  • The completion of a comprehensive preparation document ensures your team have sufficient time to consider the workshop’s key issues before attending the event
  • The team development programme is explained in detail to your team before they attend.
  • The event deals exclusively with real challenges and issues affecting the team
  • The outcome of the event includes an action document or blueprint for developing your team in the six months following the programme.

The team development programmes we design are particularly relevant for:

  • Creating alignment around the agreed organisational and cultural change
  • Planning future work and gaining commitment from your team to support the long-term strategy for the department.
  • Dealing with future operational problems and challenges where co-ordinated action is of critical importance.
  • Coping effectively and positively with change in organisations and ensuring everyone is ‘bought into’ the changes.
  •  Resolving difficult team or inter-team issues.

Our team development programme will provide a systematic and structured process for generating improvements in the following areas:

  • Greater clarity of direction.
  • Surfacing and dealing with hidden agendas.
  • Increasing morale and motivation at all levels.
  • Highlighting and eradicating overlaps between roles.
  • Creating opportunities for more effective delegation.
  • Preventing personal goals being pursued at the team’s expense.
  • Eliminating gaps between functions.
  • Upgrading decision-making methods and processes.
  • Creating greater trust, co-operation and mutual support within the team and between itself and other teams.
  • Establishing clear communication priorities and clearing communication blockages.
  • Ensuring agreed goals are fully achieved.

Our team events will focus on achieving the following, specific outcomes:

  • To agree and get real commitment to key team objectives, priorities and success measures
  • To produce an observable increase in your team’s motivation and concentration on its key objectives.
  • To define the job outputs, unique contributions and success measures of each member of your Team.
  • To provide efficient and effective measurable team outputs which contribute significantly to improving the performance of your department.

Our Development event

Our Development event is made up of a series of highly participative sessions and motivational exercises designed to transform the morale of your team. The event is normally of 2- 3 days duration and where possible we recommend that the event is held in an offsite location.

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