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Organisational Development

Working with you to bring about positive organisational change
We will work with your organisation on programmes that can bring about significant cultural and organisational change

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Organisational Change

Our aim is to work with your organisation to bring about positive organisational change. We achieve this by helping you to devise the optimal structure; clarifying roles and responsibilities; devising a clear strategy; streamlining your procedures and increasing your organisational effectiveness.

An organisation can only evolve in two ways – it can get stronger and more effective, or weaker and less effective – and it will only become stronger and more effective if a conscious effort is made to make it that way; it doesn’t happen naturally.

Organisation Development is the conscious process of designing, creating and establishing a culture.  It is the invisible constant that supports where your organisation is going and largely determines the achievement of your objectives.

Working on organisational development brings with it a whole host of advantages: it creates future that everyone in your organisation knows and supports; it enhances effective working relationships within and between teams; it leads to fast and positive reactions to change; it enables a culture of continuous improvement; it creates employees who are fulfilled by their work and it enables the production of consistent, outstanding results.

Our Approach:

  • We believe that successful change always starts from the top. We therefore always begin by working with your senior managers to create the environmental and attitudinal conditions for successful change and by setting up a ‘steering group’ to manage the change process.
  • The steering group is made up of senior management and their role is to provide a clear vision, develop a long term strategy, but equally importantly, to demonstrate visible management commitment, modelling the required changes in attitude and behaviour.
  • The steering group is also tasked with the responsibility for planning, allocating resources, co-ordinating activities and marketing the change process.
  • The next step is to create alignment with the changes by conducting ‘targeted team development workshops’ that are designed to allow each work group to assess what it needs to do in order to support the changes and deliver the strategy.
  • These ‘targeted team development workshops’ are cascaded down the organisational hierarchy to ensure total understanding and commitment is achieved.
  • During the ‘cascade process’ each work group is required to identify any deficiencies in their skills or knowledge, which might prevent them from delivering the required changes, so that training can be provided in those areas.
  • A key element of delivering the change process is to establish cross-functional ‘roll-out teams’ to develop new methods, processes, working practices and structures required to make the strategy work. 
  • The ‘roll-out teams’ report back to the steering group on a regular basis to agree on-going improvements to roles, working practices and procedures and get these signed off.
  • Another key element of a successful organisational development programme is to conduct regular ‘health checks.’ This involves conducting surveys of employee and customer satisfaction during each stage of implementation, so that refinements and modifications can be made to the roll-out of the strategy.
  • The final component is to conduct a thorough review of the impact of the strategy on organisational performance and the extent to which the desired improvements have been achieved.

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