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Our Success Stories

Track record of achievement with an impressive range of clients.

“Over the last 20 years we have built up a amazing track record of achievement with an impressive range of clients.”

Our client portfolio includes: Argos, British Airports Authority, British Standards Institute, CERN, Currys, Diversey Lever, Enterprise Oil, Eurostar, 2 Entertain, ECMWF, Excel Logistics, JCDecaux, Going Places, J Sainsbury, Lex Services, Mastercare, Medical Research Council, Metropolitan Police, Rank Leisure Group, Science & Technology Facilities Council, Somerfield.

Key Projects

The ‘Fit for the Future’ Initiative

Our team were responsible for leading the leadership and culture change elements of an organisational change project called ‘Fit for the Future’. This involved streamlining the support services, reducing the headcount by 127 and freeing up £6 million to be invested in front line scientific research activities.

Creating a Unifying Culture

We implemented a culture change programme for the ‘Scientific Computing Department’ using the Competing Values Framework. This involved identifying a ‘unifying culture’ for two previously separate and distinct functions aimed at harmonising roles, responsibilities and working practices. This project involved improving financial management and resource allocation; creating an effective project management register and clear realistic strategic goals that all functional groups were aligned with.

Developing the Strategic Plan

We facilitated the development of the Corporate Services Department’s strategic plan. This enabled the Corporate Services Department to create synergies and provide ‘integrated support services’ to STFC. We assisted in creating a new departmental culture including new values and behaviours, meeting protocols, working practices and decision-making processes.

Achieving ‘Investors in People’ Gold Standard

We conducted a systematic Director Development Audit to enhance the standards of corporate governance at board level.  We created a ‘corporate competency framework’ and a series of executive development programmes that played a major part in enabling the organisation to attain its ‘Investors in People’ Gold Standard.

Key Projects

Creating a New Career Structure

We managed a project which involved the creating an entirely new career structure with new job roles and skills sets and re-classifying 1,200 call centre staff into the appropriate job roles within the new organisational structure.

This resulted in a substantial improvement in enabling customers to be put through to staff with the appropriate ‘skill sets’ to deal with their queries and a 27% improvement in call response times. The initiative was judged to be a major success by Directors & Senior Executives as well as resulting in significant improvement in levels of stakeholder satisfaction.

Raising Customer Service Standards

We project managed a £250k customer service initiative across the customer service division. This involved upgrading customer service training and performance monitoring at all levels. Internal and independent surveys of customer service standards showed a positive increase in customer satisfaction levels across a range of key indicators in the 12 months following this initiative

Key Projects

Improving Productivity & Profitability

Our team of consultants worked on upgrading the leadership capabilities of the forty-two top divisional executives in the Operations Division. This resulted in a wide range of improvements in productivity and profitability being reported by individual participants in the development programmes. (E.g. £60k improvement in supplier deals, £18k saving in delivery frequency analysis etc.)

Successful Business Recovery Strategy

We established a flagship leadership programme across the whole organisation, which was deemed to make a profound impact in changing the management culture at Somerfield and won a National Retail Training Award. It was cited as a key element in the success of the business recovery strategy for the company.

Enhancing Leadership Performance Reviews

We were responsible for designing and implementing a new upward leadership performance review system. This system required staff to appraise the effectiveness of their managers and department heads on a quarterly basis using 180 degree feedback mechanism designed by our consultants based on the company’s five Operating Leadership Principles. As a result of this initiative, participating staff highlighted significant increases in their leader’s performance across a range of indicators including: innovation, drive, development, communication and recognition.

Key Projects

Managing Change Programme

We contributed to delivering the ‘Leading & Managing Change Programmes’ for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK and in British Embassies world-wide.  The aim of the programme was to enable consular staff to cope more effectively with a wide range of change initiatives that were being undertaken by the FCO as part of their ‘Simplification Plan.’

The programme was designed to enable participants to recognise the ingredients of successful change for people in the FCO and to understand differences in how people can interact, process information, make decisions, and organise their lives when confronted with major change.

The programmes received very positive reviews with participants claiming to be able to optimise the changes they were managing in the months following this development initiative.

Key Projects

Developing a Service-Quality Culture 

We managed a project to create a ‘customer focused culture’ in the Support Services Department at the Medical Research Council. This involved conducting an assessment of each the performance of five functional teams to identify improvement opportunities to enhance the service to their customers via the use of focus groups and structured interviews.

We designed and delivered a number of workshops to put in place the required ‘customer service capabilities’ and to embed the change management and service skills, attitudes and behaviours required to develop a service-quality culture. It was also important to support the department in installing the new systems, procedures, working practices and infrastructure to ensure this more ‘customer focused culture’ became fully embedded.

Customer Service Improvement Plans

We supported the creation of ‘Customer Service Improvement Plans’ for each of the service delivery teams incorporating key changes, prime contractors, success measures and deadlines for each improvement goal. These ‘Customer Service Improvement Plans’ provided a long-term blueprint for the development of a service-quality culture within the department.

Key Projects

The Enterprise Programme

Our team worked as a Project Managers for British Airports Authority on a £60 million organisational development project called ‘The Enterprise Programme’. We were principally involved in designing performance management systems and training staff in how to use them.  We also project managed the development programmes that enabled the transition to new working practices across the UK’s five major airports. This involved transition planning encompassing process, organisational, people and information technology changes for the organisation.

The Transition Plan was used to implement a wide range of change activities including:  Communication, Resource Planning, Development Planning, Redeployment, Training & Development, Risk Assessment and Information Technology Requirements Assessment.

Competency Framework Design

Our consultants were also involved in designing a management competency framework and mechanism for assessing levels of capability for staff across a wide range of job roles and functions at different levels of seniority within each of the major airports. This provided a more objective basis for restructuring, redeployment, planning and decision-making activities within the Enterprise Programme.

Key Projects

Enhanced Recruitment, Selection and Retention

Our relationship with Grosvenor Casinos and Rank Leisure goes back almost 20 years.

We have project managed numerous organisational development activities at Grosvenor Casinos including the design and implementation of a series of development centres to support succession planning for casino management. These resulted in marked improvements in the quality of appointments and the retention and development of capable staff.

These projects involved the introduction of new sophisticated selection processes for all managers across the gaming division for both initial selection and career progression purposes.

Key Projects

We have been working with the international science community at CERN since 2005 and have provided them with over 50 programmes, aimed at enhancing their leadership, team development and coaching capabilities.

Leading for Success

The ‘Leading for Success Programme’ is designed to raise the capabilities of leaders and understand the key aspects of leading a team or project at CERN. The programme is targeted at professional scientists, engineers and managers wishing to acquire insights into all aspects of effective leadership and learn how to optimise their own leadership potential.

High Performance Teams

The ‘High Performance Teams’ Programme is designed to enable managers to acquire the skills to develop productive, efficient and effective teams. The programme is very practical and provides numerous ‘development tools and techniques’ to enhance team performance in a range of different real-life contexts.

Manager as Coach

This coaching skills programme is designed to equip line managers with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to coach their direct reports and other junior staff in the organisation.

Developing the Internal Consultant

We designed and delivered a consultancy skills programme to enable the HR Team to be more credible in undertaking an internal advisor role within the organisation. The programme helped in raising the reputation and credibility of the team in delivering HR services to internal customers across CERN.

Key Projects

Our relationship with BSi dates back to 2002 and we have just started to deliver an executive development programme to the direct reports of the Board Members from across all of the businesses globally.

The Leadership Challenge

We were responsible for instigating a highly effective global leadership initiative covering forty-two countries over a four year period. This initiative was called ‘The Leadership Challenge’ and was designed to develop the leadership capabilities of the participants, through a ‘blended learning’ approach of digital and e-Learning, bespoke and intensive leadership development modules, 360 degree performance profiling and executive coaching sessions.

This ‘Leadership Challenge’ initiative was designed to enable senior executives to: (i) more effectively lead, motivate and relate to others in order to optimise their contribution to the organisation (ii) develop a range advanced leadership skills & capabilities (iii) more effectively promote and manage change in the organisation (iv) achieve an even greater alignment and support for the organisations strategy, and (v) acquire a range of tools to increase their self-awareness and enhance their continued professional development.

The programme was cited by the CEO as one of the key elements that contributed to the success of the BSi business strategy

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