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Occupational Assessment

We help you implement and manage occupational assessment processes

We design, implement and manage a range of occupational assessment processes and specialise in improving recruitment decisions.

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We design occupational assessment processes

We design, implement and manage arrange of occupational assessment processes and specialise in improving recruitment decisions, individual development, succession planning and career counselling.

Our consultancy experience includes activities that lead to a clearer identification of management potential and improved recruitment and development decisions.

Our Approach:

Recruitment & Selection

We will help by assisting you to design robust and effective recruitment processes to improve your selection and retention of high quality candidates. Our services include: designing structured interview questions and processes; using competency-based and behavioural techniques; using psychological and ability test data to guide selection decisions and providing assessment guidelines for interviewers.

Assessment & Development Centres

We can provide you with a comprehensive service in developing assessment and development centres to meet the needs of your organisation. This will involve guiding you through the entire process from start to finish. We can provide everything from designing tailored exercises and simulations, to ability tests and psychometric evaluations, to providing structured feedback and reports. We will also provide assessor training for your own staff so you are able to plan and deliver your own assessment and development centres without the need for external support.

Executive Assessment & Development

We will provide a detailed and impartial evaluation of the capabilities and future potential of your managers and senior executives. We will undertake half-day or full-day evaluations of your staff employing a combination of simulation exercises, ability tests, structured interviews and psychometric profiling. This process is bespoke and can be tailored to fit with your organisational competencies and job specifications.

Succession Planning

We will provide you with a powerful set of processes for identifying succession potential of managers in your organisation. This will enable you to measure and rank the current capabilities and potential of each manager in the organisation and to be able to substantiate this ranking with credible performance data.

Career Counselling & Vocational Guidance

We provide a range of services to assist in carrying out career reviews and career planning for individuals and organisations. This includes working on redundancy management and outplacement as well as supporting individuals to explore new career avenues and opportunities.

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