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Made to Measure

A powerful tailored development programme designed for you!


‘Made to Measure’ is a powerful process that allows your leaders and managers to design a tailored programme to meet their specific development needs.

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A new and innovative methodology

‘Made to Measure’ is a very powerful tailored development programme that transforms management and leadership effectiveness. 

We originally designed ‘Made to Measure’ as a response our frustration with the deficiencies of traditional development programmes and a desire to correct those shortcomings.  Over the last 20 years it has become our ‘flagship programme’ and has enjoying exceptionally positive reviews delivering astonishing results wherever it has been used.

What is special about ‘Made to Measure’ is that participants are able to taking complete control of their management and leadership development by designing a tailored programme to meet their learning needs.

The key characteristics of ‘Made to Measure’ are it:
  • enables participants to work on and choose the sessions they want to attend
  • creates opportunities for individual coaching, counselling and support
  • uses powerful personality profiles to increase self- awareness
  • enables breakthroughs in dealing with significant relationship and work-related issues
  • promotes experimenting  with new ideas, methods and approaches
  • encourages the ‘letting go’ of out-dated attitudes, working practices and ways of thinking
  • establishes a powerful peer-group learning community to support continuous learning
  • utilises a range of innovative methods to enable the transfer of learning to the workplace

Our Approach:

  • The process begins with 360-degree feedback on participant’s leadership or management effectiveness, which we often structure around the corporate values and competency framework.
  • Participants then carry out an individual analysis of 360-degree data and the identification of 3-4 key development goals enabling them to target the most significant improvement areas.
  • The outcomes of the individual analysis are then used for small group coaching to test the validity of these development areas.
  • We then offer a ‘menu’ of up to 30 development topics and participants then choose those sessions that align with their development needs.
  • This is followed by two-three day’s intensive small group development work, constantly switching, topics and tutors to provide variety and stimulation. 
  • Each session is adapted to meet the specific needs of participants to ensure it is completely relevant. 
  • The sessions also contain ‘paradigm shifts’, designed to challenge participant’s approach to dealing with key issues and relationships, in order to help them to consider alternative approaches.
  • The programme allows time to visit ‘the learning zone’ and access self-study materials. It also provides opportunities for individual coaching, counselling and support.
  • Participants are encouraged to ‘take time out’ to reflect on insights gained from attending the sessions and to record these in a personal learning journal.
  • Delegates often report that these insights begin to integrate at a higher level and accumulate over time, often resulting in a major breakthroughs in personal effectiveness.
  • Each participant leaves with a long-term personal development plan based on their learning journal, which guides their development in the 6-12 months following the programme.
  • The programme incorporates a range of activities that enable participants to create maximum impact in transferring their learning to the workplace.
  • These learning transfer activities include: business improvement plans, individual follow-up coaching sessions; personal action documents; support and challenge group meetings and follow-up review workshops

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