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We take a holistic approach to solving problems


We take a ‘systems-thinking’ approach, tackling all of the causes of problems and come up with holistic solutions

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Orientation to performance

Our orientation to performance consulting is to take a ‘holistic’ or ‘systems thinking’ approach. This involves identifying all of the potential causes of performance problems and then prioritising and solving them in a systematic way.

We came to this view because we discovered many of our clients were frustrated investing time trying to resolve performance problems, only to find they achieved a partial or unsatisfactory solution.

In our experience this is because performance issues are often complex and there are usually ‘multiple causes’ that need to be taken into consideration. Consequently, coming up with a permanent solution requires us to address the ‘multiplicity of factors’ that are contributing to the problem.

Taking this holistic approach requires working at a more strategic level and actively involving all key stakeholders in the problem-resolution process.

Our Approach:

The process starts with a detailed identification of the problem which is followed by a rigorous analysis of all the elements that need to be put in place to provide a permanent solution.

We begin by making an important distinction between two sets of factors that impact on your organisation’s ability to deliver results. We refer to these as ‘competency factors’ and ‘environmental factors.’

The ‘competency factors’ include such things as: skills, knowledge, attitudes, commitment, drive and motivation.

In relation to these ‘competence factors’ it is important to establish the context in which the performance is being demonstrated. We need to ask questions like: What level of competence is required? When it is required? And is it required by everyone?

The ‘environmental factors’ include such things as: working practices, systems, procedures, physical resources, equipment, manpower, policies and culture.

In relation to the ‘competence factors’ you should ask a different set of questions such as: What processes would be most effective here? What practices would be most cost-effective? What method would be most efficient? Is there some way this task could be made easier? Do we have the right policies and procedures in place? Do we have the right manpower and equipment? Is there a cultural dimension to this problem that needs to be addressed?

A key outcome of this consultative process is a list of probable barriers to effective performance that need to be removed or changed.

The performance consulting process will also generate a detailed plan identifying which factors are most important in resolving the problem, each of which will have a prioritised rating.

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