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Leadership Development

Developing new and innovative approaches to leadership


We dvelop new and innovative approaches to maximise leadership skills, capabilities and potential. We enable your managers to inspire people and take your organisation forward with confidence.

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New & innovative approaches

We enable your managers to understand what leadership is and what positive attributes they bring to the role of leader and to acquire the capabilities and skills necessary to lead teams, multi-disciplinary groups, or projects.

A unifying model for leadership development we often employ is the ‘Three Dimensions of Leadership’. An explanation of the three levels is given below:

Leading Yourself – This dimension is about you creating clarity about your leadership role and sense of purpose and direction. It is about establishing a clear sense of identity, a leadership presence and an understanding of what personal qualities and attributes you bring to the role of leader. It is about being clear about your leadership values, beliefs, principles and standards.

Leading One-to-One – This dimension of leadership is about understanding how you guide individual purposes and tasks, as well as build and maintain individual contributions. It is primarily about how you can manage the performance of your direct reports and how you can use delegation and empowerment to optimise their contribution.

Leading Others – This dimension covers the leadership behaviours you demonstrate in a group setting, for example: a meeting, or when trying to influence the team or a department. It is about three things: a) creating a unity of purpose, b) getting the team’s tasks done well and c) building and preserving a sense of togetherness. It is also about setting team-wide standards of performance based on trust, mutual respect and dedication to goals

Our Approach:

  • We believe there is ‘no one right way to lead people’ and that each person as a unique set of personal attributes and talents that they bring to the role of leader.
  • We ask you to think about your unique leadership qualities and to develop a ‘leadership vision statement’ which summarises your ‘personal leadership philosophy.’
  • This statement is a combination of your values, beliefs, expectations and ideas about leadership based on their past experience and their future aspirations.
  • Our process for leadership development also involves a 360°inventory providing feedback, which will enable the identification specific improvement goals.
  • We also invite managers to clarify what expectations they have of the people who work for them; what kind of opportunities they will create for their team and what sort of ‘leadership environment’ they are looking to create.

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